Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

The registration form can be found HERE at the beginning of Fall and Spring semester. Registration usually opens after the first general body meeting (open house) of Fall and Spring.

Can anyone join?

Yes! There are no GPA cut-offs, interviews or applications to join. Simply fill out the registration form and pay dues to become a member.

How much are dues?

Dues for UFL AMSA are $25 per year. There is also a one time payment of $75 for new members to be registered with National AMSA (pays for a 5 year National AMSA membership).

What are the requirements?

In order to have access to all of AMSA’s benefits, a member must have achieved good standing. To earn good standing a member must attend all general body meetings (once a month on Wednesday evenings), collect a minimum amount of points by attending events (point requirements can be found HERE), and receiving their own committee’s specific good standing requirements.

What are the benefits of good standing?

At AMSA, we believe that you get out what you put in. Members who achieve good standing will have access to opportunities such has volunteering at Equal Access Clinic, Kaplan MCAT course discounts, and leadership opportunities through becoming a Director or Executive board member. Members without good standing still have access to speakers and free pizza during general body meetings, a free t-shirt every year, and most events that AMSA puts on.

What are committees and where can I learn about them?

Committees are AMSA’s answer to the many interesting areas that define healthcare and our club’s large size. Committees allow members to be more active in the club, find a family of like minded peers, and work to become a leader within the club and in our Gainesville community. More information can be found on the communities page.

Where can I look up my points?

Your points can be found on the General Member Good Standing page.

What if I can’t make it to a meeting?

While general body meeting are mandatory, we understand that there are events out of our control that can prevent someone from going to a meeting. Some of these events include, but are not limited to, exams, important interviews, family emergencies, and jobs. One time and recurring absence forms can be found on our forms page. Please submit your form more than 72 hours before the general body meeting and understand that an acceptance of any absence form is at the discretion of the executive board.

How do I become a director?

To become a director, a member must be in good standing for that semester. Director applications open up at the end of every spring after the new executive board is elected and can be found on the Director Application page. The best way to become a director is to be an active member in your committee and the club as a whole. Being a director is a great leadership opportunity, where you have a substantial impact on the direction of your committee and the events it puts on.

How do I become an executive board member?

Executive board members are elected by the entire general body at the end of each spring semester. A nomination and good standing is required to run for a position. A previous directorship is also required for some, but not all positions. More information will be provided closer to elections.

What if I have a question not found on this FAQ page?

Please email our secretary at