Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury. It is a broad field, encompassing all body systems in a unique area of medicine. The Emergency Medicine Committee is dedicated to promoting interest in emergency and critical care medicine among premedical students and puts on events like CPR training, ER tours, EMR and EMT connections and Speakers in Emergency Medicine. Along with this we also want to introduce you to the many professionals in this field such as firefighters, park rangers, lifeguards, Paramedics, EMTs and so on. As part of this committee our goal is to really immerse you in the fast-paced world of EM and help you realize whether this is a field of interest to you. We also understand that college can be very stressful, so we try to relieve some of this for you with fun socials where you get to know each other, make new friends and have a great time.

Future in Health Profession

Futures in Health Professions is the committee within AMSA that is responsible for our annual Health Career Convention (HCC). This convention is a way for AMSA to reach out to Florida high school students who are interested in the healthcare field. Each year the committee invites high schools from all over Florida to attend our convention, where they offer information, advice, hands on experience and contact with esteemed professionals from all different health disciplines. The committee starts planning for this convention five months in advance and each member is expected to participate and be involved in its production. In addition, FiHP is also focused on helping and inspiring the underprivileged students in our area so that they may excel in school and understand the importance of their education. Members of this committee volunteer at a local elementary school each week as tutors and mentors to the students in the after school care program. Other events that FiHP provides throughout the year include volunteering in the UF Wilmot Healing Gardens in the Shand’s Medical Plaza, FUNdraisers for the convention, plenty of socials, and more!

Global Health

Global Health targets international health-related problems and proactively works toward solutions. Global Health serves internationally as medical relief in developing nations with significant need through donations and volunteer efforts, particularly through our yearly Medical Mission Trip to a nation in need. Locally, this committee serves as a setting to advocate and forward global relief efforts. This committee will address global health issues by targeting economic, social, political, and environmental factors related to health. Members will have the opportunity to participate in various outreach projects, including feminine product campaigns, medical supply drives, HIV/AIDS awareness events, and international relief missions. One activity, the annual Medical Campaign, brings volunteers to an at-need developing nation of their choosing and experience the determinants of health firsthand. In past years, our volunteers have fostered lasting relationships with community leaders, been personally thanked by village mayors, and learned from families and physicians the unique stressors of the communities they visit. The trip typically includes a partnership with local physicians or nurses and the chance to bring education and medical relief to remote locations, schools, and elderly communities. By engaging in these activities and learning from guest speakers, members may better understand the many aspects that influence access to care and the growing need for education abroad.

Health Disparities in Medicine

The Health Disparities in Medicine Committee focuses on educating members on the differences in quality and accessibility of health care amongst disadvantaged populations in the United States of America. These groups include racial and ethnic minorities, women, children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. HDM discusses some of the most controversial issues currently facing the medical field, such as abortion and women’s rights, stem cell research, cloning, euthanasia, health care policy and funding, control of disease epidemics, use and abuse of pharmaceuticals, and public health and government intervention. Past events have included organized debates, forums, and discussions on a variety of these issues. Ultimately, the goal of HDM is to inform members about politics and ethics as they relate to medicine, and to have them emerge with more balanced and worldly perspectives that will enhance their decision-making ability as future health professionals. Furthermore, HDM provide a platform to discuss and learn about pertinent health issues affecting women and members of the LGBTQ community today. This committee aims to prepare and mold, compassionate health care professionals that are able to care for a vast patient demographic with events that they offer. Some of these events will include: a Women's Health Forum, an LGBTQ Forum, guest talks from an Obstetric Nurse or OB/GYN doctor, Yoga Socials, fundraising drives for women's health products, and event partnership with the PAUSE4TEENS program. Even if one is not a woman, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, this committee offers an opportunity to exhibit selflessness and advocacy for minorities.  

Health Outreach and Education

The Health Outreach and Education committee serves to bridge the gap between medicine and the Gainesville community. Through service and education initiatives, H.O.E. offers dynamic options that complement whatever specialization you may plan to pursue in the future. We offer opportunities for you to aid and support the community through hands-on medical experience and the promotion of health awareness. H.O.E. is always hosting events that explore some of the more unique aspects of medicine and enjoy sharing this knowledge with the community. We also believe in fostering a fun, active membership body and achieve this by hosting trivia events, game nights, and more to bring the AMSA family closer together. Some of our past events include: Workshops on Learning to Take Vitals, Harbor Chase volunteering, Epilepsy First Aid education, Research Symposiums, and much more.

Oncology Committee

Working in direct conjunction with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), the Oncology committee is dedicated to fundraising towards lifesaving research and support for people battling blood cancers. In the fall, members participate in Dodge the Dark, a glow-in-the-dark dodgeball game with friendly competition between fundraising teams. Members are delegated to a variety of tasks such as creating campus awareness, managing event volunteers, assisting in team recruitment, and planning the actual event. Additionally, the Oncology Committee provides a clinical volunteering opportunity with Haven Hospice, an inpatient center where volunteers spend time with terminally ill patients to brighten their days. Moreover, the Oncology committee also hosts AMSA’s annual Lip Sync Battle, where members face-off in hopes of winning the grand prize! All money fundraised through oncology committee events go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In the spring semester, the oncology committee works in conjunction with the Health Outreach Eduction committee to put on AMSA’s Research Symposium. Throughout the year, this committee also provides various speakers and events, while raising awareness for different cancers.

Mental Health

With more than 25% of Americans suffering from a diagnosable mental illness every year, the ability of clinicians to appropriately identify, treat, and understand patients is of utmost importance. Mental health is important at every stage of life. Regardless of medical specialty, mental health issues will play a significant role in every physician’s career and have a significant impact on the long-term health of each patient. We aim to provide a forum for discussion of mental health topics such as depression and suicide awareness. While mental health is important for every field, many of our members are interested in pursuing a career in psychology, psychiatry, or neurology. We aim to open up opportunities to learn more about these fields and contribute to a generation of future physicians with mental health competency. In addition, the mental health committee is interested in building wellness within the community. We volunteer with the underserved with AnArtists at GRACE Marketplace. One of our largest events in the Mind, Body & Sole 5K, which supports the Carey R. Barber, M.D. Scholarship for Providers Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention fund. The website and sign ups for our race can be found here:

Primary Care Committee

Primary care is the foundation of the world’s most effective health care systems and is vital to U.S. health care reform. The goals of this committee are to introduce students to the diverse scope, settings, and patient populations that primary care addresses. In addition, special topics in medicine such as sexuality, spirituality, and the role of physicians in community and public health will be discussed. Activities include various volunteer opportunities such as the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. The most exciting and popular activity is the yearly medical service trip. Each year students spend a week in the Dominican Republic providing care for patients. The committee also has an array of social activities such as our holiday cookie exchange and cookouts at Lake Wauburg. This year, there are also plans to hold the first ever Oncology expo through AMSA.

Pediatric Interest Committee

The Pediatric Interest Committee aims to promote the health and well-being of children while exposing members to the pediatric field in a fun and educational way. Members will be able to experience direct interaction with children in a variety of volunteering opportunities including Camp Boggy Creek, Noah’s Endeavor, Sidney Lanier, and UF Health Pediatric Units. The goal of this committee is to expose members to as many enjoyable opportunities as possible while continuing to grow and share our love for the field of pediatrics and children.


Sports and Preventative Medicine

The goal of this committee is to introduce members to the different aspects of sports and preventative medicine, such as injury prevention, recovery, lifestyle improvement, and performance enhancement in individuals. It places emphasis on the importance of nutrition and physical fitness in reducing risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. The committee will work in conjunction with the FRUVED research project in promoting healthy eating and physical activity on campus through a series of activities targeting at risk freshman. Other events include volunteering at the local garden and the food pantry on campus. In addition, opportunities to hear from nutritionists, dietitians, and fellow doctors will be arranged. This committee is also responsible for organizing team sports within AMSA. So gear up and get your game face on!

Surgical Interest Committee

The purpose of this committee is to explore the field of surgery within medicine. This committee aims to provide hands-on and educational opportunities to learn about the field of surgery and the integral role it plays in health care.