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AMSA Partnerships

Browse through this page to see all our amazing partnerships and the benefits they have to offer you. This includes discounted MCAT courses, tutoring, workshops, and so much more!

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BeMo is a global leader in Medical School Admissions Consulting, MCAT Prep, CASPer Test Prep, MMI Prep, and Medical School Interview Prep. BeMo is a valued partner of our club.

Check out this link for all the resources they provide us!:

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Virtual Physician Shadowing On-Demand

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Check out virtually all of the medical specialties from home! You can watch doctors go through patient cases on video and earn certificates of completion to boost your medical school application.

Sign Up to Start Shadowing Physicians, Online, On-Demand, For Free!

 Enroll in the MedSchoolCoach Virtual Clinical Education Series to:

  • Shadow more than twenty different doctors from a variety medical specialties.

  • Earn extracurricular shadowing hours to bolster your med school application.

  • Collect certificates as you complete shadowing sessions to amplify your resume and stand out on your medical school application.

Earn Extracurricular Credits with Virtual Shadowing Opportunities

There are dozens of different specialties available to shadow through the Virtual Clinical Education series. If you've been looking for a way to shadow a doctor in a specific field but couldn’t find one available in your area, you can now shadow them from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at a few of the specialties you could shadow!


Dermatology Shadowing

Shadow practicing dermatologist as she sees patients with medical and cosmetic concerns. In this session, you’ll follow Dr. Newsha Lajevardi as she discusses a variety of dermatology cases. In her presentation, she discusses cases of acne, psoriasis, and their different treatment modalities. 

Dr. Lajevardi  loves being able to diagnose patients and to treat their skin conditions and even practices pediatric dermatology as well as cutaneous and laser surgery. Dr. Lajevardi is a dermatologist who currently practices in Southern Florida. After attending college at Northwestern, she went to BU for a master’s degree in medical sciences. Later, Dr. Lajevardi earned her medical degree from Michigan State and trained in dermatology at Brown University.


General Surgery Shadowing

During general surgery shadowing you will follow Dr. Emily Singer. Using surgical procedures, general surgeons see patients with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from appendicitis to trauma. Her day to day life as a general surgery resident includes in-patient rounding, performing different types of surgeries, and participating in simulated training to learn new skills. In addition, she spends 1 day a week in a clinic setting, seeing new and postoperative patients.

Dr. Singer is a General Surgery resident at The Ohio State University. During medical school, she started doing surgical rotations and she fell in love with the operating room. One of Dr. Singer’s favorite parts about general surgery is the range of different disease processes she sees everything from acute to chronic, benign to malignant.


Diagnostic Radiology

During diagnostic radiology shadowing, you will follow recently retired radiologist Dr. Ed Lipsit. As a radiologist he performed MRI, CT, PET and Ultrasounds among other diagnostic imaging procedures, reviewed the information gathered from the procedures, and communicated the results to patients and other physicians. Radiology is collaborative by nature and there is constant discussion about results. Talking with other healthcare providers is incredibly important in radiology, and that was one of Dr. Lipsit’s favorite aspects of the specialty. Dr. Lipsit received his MD from Georgetown. He spent the first part of his career at the George Washington University School of Medicine, in academic medicine. Dr. Lipsit specialized in Women’s Imaging, later becoming a partner in a private practice. 

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