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Member Registration


  • If you are a NEW MEMBER, welcome to UF AMSA! You are in the right place to register for your first semester. ​​

  • Regardless of when you first applied, you will submit this form EVERY semester.

    • This will you allow for a more updated list of members, for both our local chapter and national AMSA. It will also make it easier to switch committees, if desired.

    • If you first applied in the FALL, you will have to pay your yearly dues. 

    • If you first applied in the SPRING, you will not be prompted to pay your yearly dues until the SRING. 

  • You will pay your local dues on this form ($25) every year that you are a member of AMSA.

  • You will pay national dues on the AMSA nationals website portal. More info is listed in the form. 

Registration has closed for the Fall Semester (2023). 

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